Although I've been drawing comics and stories for nearly my whole life, it was a period between 1995 and 2005 when I put the most intense and consistent efforts to become a professional comic artist. During these ten years and through some 350 completed comic pages, I constantly experimented and tried to improve my work in order to become better artist and storyteller.

The largest part of this opus consists of shorter stories that ranged between 1 and 10 pages, though various different attempts were made at the longer and ongoing series. Nearly all of my stuff was drawn in cartoony style, with humourous, satyrical and slightly dark edge going through it. In my country, I was quickly labeled as "underground" cartoonist, a moniker that I eventually accepted and embraced.

Despite winning some acclaim and various awards for my work, I found it very hard to break into the rather monolithic comics scene, and rarely got a chance to get my work published on more continuous basis, so I temporarily left the world of comics (only to return to it in some near future).

In April 2006, I collected nearly 100 of the best comic pages and stories into a neat self-published book that was a month later premiered at the first edition of MaFest, Croatia's leading comics festival. Find more info about the book in this blog-post:

The Book of Hammerson

Nearly complete edition has been sold out long time ago, but I might still have few books left, so contact me if you're interested. Just a warning: the book is in Croatian, but at least half of the comics have very little or no text at all (and the pictures are all funny to look at, even if you don't know what the heck the characters are talking about).

So, to get some taste of my work in comics, here's a selection of stories posted on this blog. Click on the title to read the blog post where the whole comic is featured.