A Dream Within A Dream

on Friday, September 07, 2012

Can you believe it, a new blog post after such a long time... So, what a strange landscape we got here?

This is the CD cover I drew for the Croatian rock band "Kendosi". They approached me to do the artwork and complete art direction for their first album, so I made a series of six illustrations for the CD booklet and a special drawing for the front side of the disc.

The band's music has been inspired by the '70s progressive rock (filtered through the modern pop sensibility), so I tried to do something in the vein of early '70s album artwork and covers, especially the works of Roger Dean. The whole CD booklet will resemble a children's storybook, with illustrations that follow the storyline of the album and lyrics.

This particular picture is presented here in a different form. In the cd booklet, the song lyrics are inserted over some parts of the image:

So, what is she looking at? I won't show you the whole picture... this is just a preview and a teaser. You'll have to buy the CD (that will be out in a couple of months) to see the final version and the rest of the artwork :)

Again, a special thanks goes to Antea Ratković (miss AntRat), who collaborated closely on this project. She gave many great suggestions and advice, and designed some of the characters, including the main human character (a little girl) from my sketches and poses.