on Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Radio Picture

on Thursday, June 02, 2011
Here's a commission for RyeBread Radio, a Chicago-based Performing Arts radio show. A show host, Akeem Lawanson has contacted me recently upon a recommendation from one of their listeners, to do a caricature illustration of all three RyeBread Radio members. And the final result is...

Version 2:

These are funny guys, and I enjoyed doing this illustration very much. If you want to find more about RyeBread Radio and listen to their shows, check these two links:    RyeBread Radio

And speaking of commissions... here's a brand new music video / short film by Ivan Perić and me. We've been asked to make a video for song "Aerial Assasins" by Grof Bakula feat. Da Commission.
First, here's the shorter 4-minute version for TV broadcast:

And this is the whole epic 10-minute monster, with special intro (the music used for the first half is "Kult of Red Pyramid: Half-life"):

If you have fast internet connection, I recommend you to watch both videos in HD quality. The shooting and editing of this video was really enjoyable experience (though occasionally a little bit frustrating), and it was a good training for our next feature length project. Also, during the last month, our feature film from 2010 called "The Place Where The Last Man Died" received a nomination for the best foreign film at Swansea Bay Film Festival. It was also screened at SFeraKon, Croatia's annual Science Fiction festival.