When You're Strange

on Monday, January 31, 2011
Hello there! Anybody still watching this blog? I guess it's a right time for the monthly update:

Strange Kid

Looks like some belated Halloween drawing, but that's an ILL-ustration I created for the Strange Kid Anthology, a collection of horror-themed short comics and artwork. This exciting project is initiated by Rondal Scott III, the curator of Strange Kids Club website and creator of Strange Kid character. This book will contain contributions from numerous cool artists (myself included), and it should be out for sale in mid-March so don't miss it. And in the meantime go ahead and visit the Strange Kids Club website: http://www.strangekidsclub.com/

Now some news about "The Place Where The Last Man Died". The film has been selected into the competition program at Swansea Bay Film Festival in UK, and it is going to be screened there in May (the exact date and time is not known at the moment). I'll keep you updated about this, and all the next screenings at the festivals around the world. And here's the cast and main crew of the film, unmasked:

The Dream Division
(from left to right: Marko Kapitanovic, Tea Radic, Ivan Peric, Nada Hunjak, yours truly, Mirko Gabelica)
We recently formed together a small production company called "Dream Division". The fact that we took our first official group photo on a sinking ship doesn't have any symbolic meaning (except that it looks cool). You'll see and hear more from us...

But for now, Strange Kid wants to have the final word:

Strange Kid