Место на котором умер последний человек

on Tuesday, October 19, 2010

... also known as "The Place Where The Last Man Died".

That's a title of the new feature-length film by Ivan Perić and me, currently in the final stages of post-production. This film belongs to the elusive genre of dystopian science-fiction horror drama, and that's the only info I'm going to reveal by now. The premiere should be expected in November or early December, and in the meantime here are few screenshots and first teaser/trailer:

UPDATE: The film has been selected into the finals of "42.Revija HFS" film festival in Samobor, Croatia, and it will be shown there between 26 and 28th of November. Also, the date of premiere is set to 22nd of November in Split (Croatia).
And since you've seen the teaser, now you can check out the new trailer (again appropriately atmospheric and creepy):

Sorry, no drawings this time :)