on Sunday, September 12, 2010
Meow! Here's the last piece from the brief cat-themed series of artwork.
This one was inspired by the amazing Katie Rice (who's celebrating her birthday today), and also by Kim Deitch, a brilliant and still somewhat under-appreciated cartoonist and comic artist. I've been revisiting his work recently with great pleasure.



Jorge said...

Nite on Kat mountain!

Curiosity Core said...

That bottom cat is a pimp! Totally amazing piece!

Mick said...

that looks most john k-ish-y

old style too... I dig it

Mick said...

very john k-ish... good work. Does it move?

Mick said...

great blog... your style is nicely warped

Hammerson said...

Jorge, Curiosity, Mick: thanks a lot! :)