Stimpy's Laboratory

on Tuesday, July 20, 2010
"Hey Reeeen, will you help me try out my new invention?"

happy helmet / stimpy's invention

Another piece of Ren & Stimpy fan-art, probably the last one for some time. It was my contribution to The Autumn Society's gallery show dedicated to the '90s pop culture (cartoons, movies, tv, music, etc). And ironically, R&S is probably the most emblematic and quintessential cartoon series of that decade, though it spiritually belongs to some other more distant decades of the 20th century (the golden age of animation).

And here's another R&S drawing from few months ago, a birthday gift (not much appreciated, to say the least):

ren & stimpy birthday card


Anonymous said...


Stimpy's Laboratory always reminds me of my lost youth playing that underwhelming game for SNES (R & S Veediots, I think). I never did beat it and it haunts my dreams...