The Eight of Wands

on Tuesday, July 06, 2010
Here's something I made in early April, and completely forgot to upload on this lonesome blog. It's my contribution to Super Punch Tarot Deck, a cool initiative by John Struan from the popular Super Punch blog. A large number of artists were invited to participate in creation of this deck, and each of them was assigned to do one Tarot card in his/her own personal style. This is my contribution... The Eight of Wands:
eight of wands tarot card
According to various interpretations, this card symbolizes the swiftness, initiative, movement and transformation, journey (both physical and spiritual), and a quick boost of strong energy. It is usually associated with the element of fire, the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and planet Mercury. The drawing itself was created rather quickly and spontaneously (very much in accordance with the card meaning). I was experimenting with ultra-saturated colors and a very strong, grainy texture. Perhaps I went too far in both directions :)