A Fistful of Mice

on Saturday, June 26, 2010
Attention please! Your screen has just been infested by yellow and blue mice! No need to call the exterminator, these are perfectly harmless little creatures. Click on the picture to observe them more closely.

Well, this is something a bit different from my usual drawings. It's a model sheet for a short cartoon that I'm doing together with my colleagues from the animation course. The characters (still nameless) are created by Mario Petkovic, and I took the challenge to refine his design and also to try drawing in a simpler and flatter style that I haven't used for many years. The result is charming, I think...
Beside studying and learning animation, I've been totally occupied with something else, a very special and secret project that's still going on... you'll read more about it when it's right time to tell the news. Until then, enjoy the occasional and irregular updates & posts.