Use the Force

on Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Here's something from last year that I completely forgot to post here. A friend from deviantART asked me to draw a caricature portrait of him. I guess he still feels regret for sending me the photo of himself in a Star Wars T-shirt as the reference :)
The cartoon version of Yoda was based on a drawing from Clone Wars.

Star Wars Nerd Caricature

As some of you have already noticed, I'm trying various new widgets, hacks and tricks to refresh this blog a little bit. Blogger has introduced lately a number of new features, and among them is the possibility of creating the static pages. I'll play with these features during the next few days, so don't worry about the broken links, errors or pages under construction. It will be all sorted out by the end of the week.


Marlo said...

hey where ya been Hammy? I miss ya

Hammerson said...

Hey, I'm alive and well here in HammyLand. Missed ya too, it's great to see you posting new stuff again.