Going GaGa

on Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Lady Gaga caricature

Yeah, that's her... the latest corruptor of today's youth :)
Not my cup of tea, but certainly an interesting personality. She seems to have more talent and creativity than our average pop "divas" and "princesses" of today. One thing in particular that caught my attention is the curious and not too hidden symbolism and iconography that's constantly present in all of her music videos and public appearances.

About the drawing... well, it's not completely successful. It features some neat Photoshop experiments, and also few not so pretty mistakes. Hope you like it.
Kali also posted a really cool Lady Gaga drawing today, be sure to check it out.


Kali Fontecchio said...

Haha, nice. She's very raunchy, no? Like raunchy for raunchiness sake.

I'm hoping that this pattern in society will revert. Each generation rebels and gets crazier than the last, so..... maybe it'll go back to the way it was as a sort of rebellion against the fourth generation of rebels against conformity, haha. Who knows.

Hammerson said...

Yeah, she's doing her best to out-raunch everybody else in the showbiz... I wonder who or what will be her successor in few years. Also, quite curious is her constant use of occult and Illuminati symbolism, plus the numerous not so hidden references to various ways of mind control. Very strange.
And I totally agree with you, this world needs a little bit of sanity back :)
Rebellion can be good and constructive when it has a clear purpose, direction and goal but these qualities are rare nowadays.

Sean Worsham said...

I guess that means I'm a rebel then. I don't drink, sleep around or get into fights. I'm proud to help in this revolution (lol).