My Favorite Barbarian

on Thursday, December 10, 2009
Majority of my readers already know everything about Skadi, a great webcomic created by Katie Rice and Luke Cormican. And those poor ignorant souls who haven't yet seen Skadi can redeem themselves with a visit to Dumm Comics. There's a new Skadi episode every Thursday, plus many other excellent comics and stuff.

This is such a fun character to draw, and I already made one Skadi drawing last year. Here's a recent attempt with a different take on Skadi and Diseasoid, and it's partly inspired by Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer paintings. The initial sketch was almost a direct parody, with Skadi standing on a big pile of skulls and bones. Sadly I had to remove that part in the final drawing, because it looked too cluttered, and the characters stand out better with this simpler background.

Skadi and Diseasoid drawing

And now, a big question... has anybody attempted to move a blog from Blogger to Wordpress? I like the idea of having this blog on my own domain and web server. Also, Wordpress platform offers much bigger possibilities of customization and redesign, in comparison to Blogger. Essentially, I want to transfer this blog and keep the posts, comments, viewers, backlinks, pagerank, etc. It's not impossible, and I found few articles that deal with the technical details, but I'd also love to hear if anybody had direct experience of moving his/her blog to Wordpress. Any help is much appreciated.


Tim said...

Really good work. I especially like Diseasoid and the hog helmet.

Katie said...

I love this!! Her body, face, and weapons are awesome...I always love your colors too. I'm super flattered every time you draw her! Thank you!

OH also, if you figure out a good way to switch away from blogger, let me know! I've been thinking about making a move as well.

You're amazing! :D

Hammerson said...

Tim: Thanks! Yeah, the hog helmet and gloves :)
I thought it's a funny idea and totally appropriate for Skadi to decorate herself with the dead animal body parts :)

Katie: Wow, thank you! You and Luke have created such an amazing character and I'm happy to know that you enjoyed my interpretations. Also many thanks for posting this drawing at Dumm website! It's really an honor for me!

Regarding the Wordpress, I probably won't make the switch before mid or late January. I'll let you know all the details, and maybe I'll write a tutorial on my blog after everything's completed.