on Thursday, December 24, 2009
My Xmas card from 2008 was appreciated by lot of people, and I decided to follow the similar path for this year. So here's an official Hammerson's Christmas card, in five different flavors. Enjoy!

Cartoon Xmas card | elf girl 1

Cartoon Xmas card | elf girl 2

Cartoon Xmas card | elf girl 3

Cartoon Xmas card | elf girl 4

Cartoon Xmas card | elf girl 5

Plus, a special bonus Xmas drawing :)

District 9 Xmas card

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, etc. etc.

My Favorite Barbarian

on Thursday, December 10, 2009
Majority of my readers already know everything about Skadi, a great webcomic created by Katie Rice and Luke Cormican. And those poor ignorant souls who haven't yet seen Skadi can redeem themselves with a visit to Dumm Comics. There's a new Skadi episode every Thursday, plus many other excellent comics and stuff.

This is such a fun character to draw, and I already made one Skadi drawing last year. Here's a recent attempt with a different take on Skadi and Diseasoid, and it's partly inspired by Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer paintings. The initial sketch was almost a direct parody, with Skadi standing on a big pile of skulls and bones. Sadly I had to remove that part in the final drawing, because it looked too cluttered, and the characters stand out better with this simpler background.

Skadi and Diseasoid drawing

And now, a big question... has anybody attempted to move a blog from Blogger to Wordpress? I like the idea of having this blog on my own domain and web server. Also, Wordpress platform offers much bigger possibilities of customization and redesign, in comparison to Blogger. Essentially, I want to transfer this blog and keep the posts, comments, viewers, backlinks, pagerank, etc. It's not impossible, and I found few articles that deal with the technical details, but I'd also love to hear if anybody had direct experience of moving his/her blog to Wordpress. Any help is much appreciated.