Going Home

on Tuesday, November 24, 2009
I saw District 9 in cinema two months ago, knowing very little info in advance, beside the fact that it was produced by Peter Jackson. The movie caught me by surprise and quickly became one of my favorites among the recent production. I love these alien creatures ("prawns"), they are a rare example of totally believable CGI characters in a live action movie. They're also very tough to draw, with complex and detailed anatomy.
This is a drawing from few weeks ago, with new color added today. Most of it was made from memory, with lot of guessing and improvisation. Naturally, there are many mistakes (also some rather lousy construction, of the little alien in particular). I think now I can do a better job with these characters, so I may return to them some other time.

District 9 fan art
District 9 (C) Sony Pictures Entertainment / Neill Blomkamp

And if any of you happen to be in Split, Croatia during this weekend (27-29th of November), you can find me at the 41th movie festival of Croatian Film Club's Association (HFS). Two short films by Ivan Perić and me have been selected in the competition finals, and these are among our most experimental and f*cked up works so far ("A Film for Me" and "Hiroshima").

Also, our first feature length movie, a 75-minute art trash comedy "Romeo & Julio" was completed after six months of hard work and madness. It was successfully premiered in front of the largest crowd seen in the recent history of the local cinematheque. The film is quickly becoming a real cult item, and what's even better, it opened the door to a new and really big movie project that will start with production next year. I'm not allowed to give any details, you'll hear more when it's finished (probably late 2010 or early 2011).


Anonymous said...

Super neat drawing, dude! It's so great to see you posting again.

patrick sevc said...

good to see you drawing again!

Congrats on the live-action success. Frank Tashlin would be proud!

Hammerson said...

John and Patrick: thanks a lot!!
I feel little bit like a traitor for switching from cartoons to live-action :) but things are going really well so far and there's a new, very exciting and promising live-action project in development for next year. Don't worry, I haven't abandoned drawing, and I'll continue to post (though infrequently for some time).