Sweet Poison

on Monday, July 20, 2009
Poison Ivy in one of her rare moments of calm and serenity.

Poison Ivy fanart
Poison Ivy (C) DC Comics
For a slightly different approach to the same character and motif, check my older piece of Poison Ivy fan art from 2007.

The Be-Boop Variations

on Sunday, July 12, 2009
Here are some drawings made during the preparation for my last month's big Betty Boop picture (currently exhibited at the "Golden Age of Comics and Animation" art show in Philadelphia).
These sketches were drawn with lot of improvisation and mostly without reference, so they're not strictly on-model. Most of today's Betty Boop merchandise is too much on-model anyway, and I prefer to explore various different ways to draw miss Boop. It's such a funny and flexible character, and her early pre-code films (from 1930-34) are among the best and most imaginative cartoons ever made. This is just a small selection of my BB sketches... I'll post more of them some other time.

Betty Boop drawings
Betty Boop (C) King Features Syndicate, Inc. / Fleischer Studios, Inc.
On another subject... I'm working on a new live action film right now, and this time it's a real feature (approximately 75 minutes long). Also I'm re-editing and completely upgrading last year's film Embrace of the Blue. All these activities are occupying most of my already meager free time, so the blog updates are going to be sporadic and occasional during this period.