Hit Me With Your Laser Beam

on Saturday, May 09, 2009
Forget about new Star Trek movie, this is the real hard hitting Sci-Fi adventure! :)

Partially inspired by Ralph Bakshi and comics from the legendary Heavy Metal magazine. Also I tried to make it look like a scene from some obscure '70s adult cartoon.

nude spacegirl cartoon

On a completely unrelated note, "A Film For You" by Ivan Peric and me was shown earlier today on Youngsters Film Festival in Belgrade (Serbia). I'll keep you informed about the other festival showings in the future, and give you the latest news on our current movie project.


patrick said...

haha, you sure like the sexy space-girl with the alien sidekick. Works for me!

Great everything, especially the background

Hammerson said...

Thanks! Maybe next time I should draw a sexy alien with a human sidekick :)

The background was adapted from this photo.
I think I used "glowing edges" or "find edges" options in Photoshop, and then changed coordinates several times from Polar to Rectangular and vice versa. After each of those steps I added some new details to the picture, or used various distortion filters. The result is quite interesting :)

craigp said...

Hi Hammerson, i've been following your work for the past year or so, god i hope my work can be this great someday.
i saw your work on the Autumn Society blog, I'm so excited you're participating!
can't wait to see more!

Hammerson said...

Thanks for the kind words, I'm happy to hear that you find my work inspiring.
You have really good artwork on your blog. Are you also at Autumn Society? I joined too late for the 80s show, but I'm already making a picture for the next one (it will be previewed in a week or two).

Katie said...

Wow this is really cool, I loe how the colors came out, especially with the pink line used to outline, the girl's body! She sort of glows!

Hammerson said...

Katie, thanks!!!
I love this effect too. The light outlines really helped to differentiate main character from the background.