Guess Who?

on Sunday, May 31, 2009
Can you identify the people on these caricatures?

• The King Of Cool
Robert Mitchum caricature

• The other King Of Cool
Dean Martin caricature

• The King Of Tennis
Roger Federer caricature

Coming soon: a new blog dedicated exclusively to celebrity caricatures. More info about it next month, in one of the following posts.

P.S. Comments moderation has been enabled again, and it's going to stay that way thanks to mr.Ed from Taiwan who dumped a large number of spam garbage all over my blog couple of weeks ago.


Caleb said...

Looks like Robert Mitchum. I like the darkness, reminds me of Cape Fear. A celebrity caricature blog is a great idea.

Tim said...

Robert Mitchum.
I don't follow tennis.
Nice work.

patrick said...

haha great! I love the tennis ball!

I want to get much better at caricatures. I'd like to get to the point where I can join NCN without getting laughed outta the room.

Jim Smith said...

The Dean Martin rocks Hammerson. Try drawing Mitchum in a profile - he has one of the best side views. Also like the Zappa. Good work man.

Jim Smith said...

Is That Roger Federer (sp) at bottom? Sorry, I am from the previous generation and remember Lendl, Borg (sp), Connors, and them.

Hammerson said...

Caleb, Tim: Thanks! You guessed it right!

Patrick: You got lot of talent for caricature. I've seen some really cool examples on your blog.

Jim: Thanks, man! You're right about Mitchum, he's got one of the strangest and most interesting profiles ever. I'm gonna try to draw it next time.
Zappa caricature is a really old one, from three years ago. I'll upgrade it as soon as I launch the new caricature blog next month.
And yes, it's Roger Federer. I sketched lot of other tennis players, both old and recent.

Pavel Jakubec said...

Hi, Dragan,
very very good your works ,
I love it ... !!!