Three Women

on Thursday, April 16, 2009
• Alien woman
Her latest album was telepathically transmited non stop into the brains of 10 billion fans across the Milky Way. The suicide rate has quadrupled afterwards :)

Alien Diva caricature

• Wonder Woman for Kristen
I think I made few anatomy and construction errors on this one (the right arm and wrist looks weird). Can anybody help or give some advice how to fix it?

Wonder Woman caricature fanart

• Black Magic Woman
Don't piss her off, she might transform you into pet food :)

Marina Čorić

Actually, that's a portrait of Marina Coric, a friend and talented Croatian artist. Last month she had a big exhibition in her hometown Zadar where over 100 works have been shown. Take a look at her deviantART page and write her some nice comments.

• Special bonus: Barbarian Woman

Skadi by Pat McMichael color by Hammerson

I already shown this one on DeviantART few days ago and thought that people would enjoy seeing it here too. Pat McMichael posted his wonderful black & white fan art of Skadi (a popular character from Dumm Comics) and challenged all of his artist friends to color it. These are my color versions, and be sure to check Pat's original b&w drawing here.


patrick said...

I really like the sub-layer texturing one these!

And tell Marina she has a new American fan

Hammerson said...

Thanks! I rarely used textures until last year, and in the recent months I'm just enjoying to play with textures and find various different ways of creating and combining them. They make digital drawings look much more cohesive and natural.

>> And tell Marina she has a new American fan <<

She'll be happy to hear that :)