Free Your Mind

on Thursday, March 12, 2009
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Magic Carpet Ride

on Friday, March 06, 2009
A Ren & Stimpy drawing originally made as the birthday gift for a good friend of mine. It turned out nicely, though I'm not pleased with Stimpy's nose (it's floating, doesn't look like it's connected to his head). The background is a modified version of the space drawing from last month's post.

Ren & Stimpy Aladdin fan art
Ren & Stimpy (C) John K. , Nickelodeon

Now, some latest news about the recently finished movie by Ivan Perić and me. It's called "A film for you" (or "Film za tebe" in Croatian), and I already posted some info about it, last December.

The film was successfully premiered on 17th January, and last weekend we received the note that it's been selected into the finals of the 18th edition of "Dani hrvatskog filma" ("Days of Croatian film") - Croatia's leading festival dedicated to the short and medium length films. That's a great success and breakthrough that will surely give a boost to our next projects. The festival will take place in Zagreb between 17th and 21th of March, and it's gonna be a really cool experience to see our film cheered (or booed) by a very large audience.

Click here to watch the trailer. It doesn't contain spoilers, and it makes the film look less weird than it really is. The film is essentially a love story gone wrong, and it's told with an unusual and experimental structure, in two parts that are both distinct and also interconnected in an interesting way.
If you're curious to take a look behind the scene and witness some of the serious work, fun and party atmosphere on our movie set, check the photo gallery and "the making of" video.

And now, here's the DVD box and cover for this movie, designed by me:

Also, my DVD cover for our previous movie called "Embrace Of The Blue":

This film has also been selected for an upcoming festival (RAF film festival in Zagreb, scheduled between 29th March and 4th April).

And by the way, the next movie project that starts in April is going to be nothing less than an adaptation of William Shakespeare's immortal tragedy ;)