on Thursday, December 24, 2009
My Xmas card from 2008 was appreciated by lot of people, and I decided to follow the similar path for this year. So here's an official Hammerson's Christmas card, in five different flavors. Enjoy!

Cartoon Xmas card | elf girl 1

Cartoon Xmas card | elf girl 2

Cartoon Xmas card | elf girl 3

Cartoon Xmas card | elf girl 4

Cartoon Xmas card | elf girl 5

Plus, a special bonus Xmas drawing :)

District 9 Xmas card

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, etc. etc.

My Favorite Barbarian

on Thursday, December 10, 2009
Majority of my readers already know everything about Skadi, a great webcomic created by Katie Rice and Luke Cormican. And those poor ignorant souls who haven't yet seen Skadi can redeem themselves with a visit to Dumm Comics. There's a new Skadi episode every Thursday, plus many other excellent comics and stuff.

This is such a fun character to draw, and I already made one Skadi drawing last year. Here's a recent attempt with a different take on Skadi and Diseasoid, and it's partly inspired by Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer paintings. The initial sketch was almost a direct parody, with Skadi standing on a big pile of skulls and bones. Sadly I had to remove that part in the final drawing, because it looked too cluttered, and the characters stand out better with this simpler background.

Skadi and Diseasoid drawing

And now, a big question... has anybody attempted to move a blog from Blogger to Wordpress? I like the idea of having this blog on my own domain and web server. Also, Wordpress platform offers much bigger possibilities of customization and redesign, in comparison to Blogger. Essentially, I want to transfer this blog and keep the posts, comments, viewers, backlinks, pagerank, etc. It's not impossible, and I found few articles that deal with the technical details, but I'd also love to hear if anybody had direct experience of moving his/her blog to Wordpress. Any help is much appreciated.

Going Home

on Tuesday, November 24, 2009
I saw District 9 in cinema two months ago, knowing very little info in advance, beside the fact that it was produced by Peter Jackson. The movie caught me by surprise and quickly became one of my favorites among the recent production. I love these alien creatures ("prawns"), they are a rare example of totally believable CGI characters in a live action movie. They're also very tough to draw, with complex and detailed anatomy.
This is a drawing from few weeks ago, with new color added today. Most of it was made from memory, with lot of guessing and improvisation. Naturally, there are many mistakes (also some rather lousy construction, of the little alien in particular). I think now I can do a better job with these characters, so I may return to them some other time.

District 9 fan art
District 9 (C) Sony Pictures Entertainment / Neill Blomkamp

And if any of you happen to be in Split, Croatia during this weekend (27-29th of November), you can find me at the 41th movie festival of Croatian Film Club's Association (HFS). Two short films by Ivan Perić and me have been selected in the competition finals, and these are among our most experimental and f*cked up works so far ("A Film for Me" and "Hiroshima").

Also, our first feature length movie, a 75-minute art trash comedy "Romeo & Julio" was completed after six months of hard work and madness. It was successfully premiered in front of the largest crowd seen in the recent history of the local cinematheque. The film is quickly becoming a real cult item, and what's even better, it opened the door to a new and really big movie project that will start with production next year. I'm not allowed to give any details, you'll hear more when it's finished (probably late 2010 or early 2011).

Who Killed Roger Rabbit?

on Sunday, August 16, 2009
She's not bad... she's just drawn that way! :)
Jessica Rabbit drawing
This is my submission for Jessica Rabbit Art Jam at deviantART.

Sweet Poison

on Monday, July 20, 2009
Poison Ivy in one of her rare moments of calm and serenity.

Poison Ivy fanart
Poison Ivy (C) DC Comics
For a slightly different approach to the same character and motif, check my older piece of Poison Ivy fan art from 2007.

The Be-Boop Variations

on Sunday, July 12, 2009
Here are some drawings made during the preparation for my last month's big Betty Boop picture (currently exhibited at the "Golden Age of Comics and Animation" art show in Philadelphia).
These sketches were drawn with lot of improvisation and mostly without reference, so they're not strictly on-model. Most of today's Betty Boop merchandise is too much on-model anyway, and I prefer to explore various different ways to draw miss Boop. It's such a funny and flexible character, and her early pre-code films (from 1930-34) are among the best and most imaginative cartoons ever made. This is just a small selection of my BB sketches... I'll post more of them some other time.

Betty Boop drawings
Betty Boop (C) King Features Syndicate, Inc. / Fleischer Studios, Inc.
On another subject... I'm working on a new live action film right now, and this time it's a real feature (approximately 75 minutes long). Also I'm re-editing and completely upgrading last year's film Embrace of the Blue. All these activities are occupying most of my already meager free time, so the blog updates are going to be sporadic and occasional during this period.


on Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Betty Boop fanart

Betty Boop picture for The Autumn Society of Philadelphia's upcoming "Golden Age of Comics and Animation" art show.

Night On The Bald Mountain

on Thursday, June 11, 2009
Here's my favorite Disney villain, Chernabog from "Fantasia" (segment "Night On Bald Mountain"). This drawing was completed under three hours and made from the memory, without any reference, except that I watched "Fantasia" the night before.

Illustration - Chernabog from Fantasia

The left wrist definitely needs to be corrected or redrawn in a different position, because it doesn't look right to me. Otherwise, I'm quite pleased with this picture.

And, today's the third anniversary of HammersonLand. It all started here, three years ago, and perhaps I should have wasted my free time in a better way... :)

Guess Who?

on Sunday, May 31, 2009
Can you identify the people on these caricatures?

• The King Of Cool
Robert Mitchum caricature

• The other King Of Cool
Dean Martin caricature

• The King Of Tennis
Roger Federer caricature

Coming soon: a new blog dedicated exclusively to celebrity caricatures. More info about it next month, in one of the following posts.

P.S. Comments moderation has been enabled again, and it's going to stay that way thanks to mr.Ed from Taiwan who dumped a large number of spam garbage all over my blog couple of weeks ago.

Hit Me With Your Laser Beam

on Saturday, May 09, 2009
Forget about new Star Trek movie, this is the real hard hitting Sci-Fi adventure! :)

Partially inspired by Ralph Bakshi and comics from the legendary Heavy Metal magazine. Also I tried to make it look like a scene from some obscure '70s adult cartoon.

nude spacegirl cartoon

On a completely unrelated note, "A Film For You" by Ivan Peric and me was shown earlier today on Youngsters Film Festival in Belgrade (Serbia). I'll keep you informed about the other festival showings in the future, and give you the latest news on our current movie project.

The Voice

on Monday, May 04, 2009
I haven't made any celebrity caricatures for a long time, and it used to be my speciality. So, here's a quick one... I think you can all recognize who's on the picture :)

Susan Boyle caricature

Destroy all Humans - part 2

on Monday, April 27, 2009
If the swine influenza doesn't kill us all, these dudes will exterminate the whole human race in just few hours:

Ugly aliens cartoon

It's another painting done for the mysterious cartoon project. Check this post for more info.

And now something completely different (or is it?)

Marlo Meekins caricature birthday card

As weird as it seems, that's a birthday card for the amazing and inimitable Marlo Meekins. If you dig long enough through this blog, you'll find two more portraits of Marlo.

And speaking of birthdays, today's mine ;)

Practice Makes Perfect

on Monday, April 20, 2009
pole dancer stripper caricature cartoon

Three Women

on Thursday, April 16, 2009
• Alien woman
Her latest album was telepathically transmited non stop into the brains of 10 billion fans across the Milky Way. The suicide rate has quadrupled afterwards :)

Alien Diva caricature

• Wonder Woman for Kristen
I think I made few anatomy and construction errors on this one (the right arm and wrist looks weird). Can anybody help or give some advice how to fix it?

Wonder Woman caricature fanart

• Black Magic Woman
Don't piss her off, she might transform you into pet food :)

Marina Čorić

Actually, that's a portrait of Marina Coric, a friend and talented Croatian artist. Last month she had a big exhibition in her hometown Zadar where over 100 works have been shown. Take a look at her deviantART page and write her some nice comments.

• Special bonus: Barbarian Woman

Skadi by Pat McMichael color by Hammerson

I already shown this one on DeviantART few days ago and thought that people would enjoy seeing it here too. Pat McMichael posted his wonderful black & white fan art of Skadi (a popular character from Dumm Comics) and challenged all of his artist friends to color it. These are my color versions, and be sure to check Pat's original b&w drawing here.

Free Your Mind

on Thursday, March 12, 2009
brain caricature | brainless man

Magic Carpet Ride

on Friday, March 06, 2009
A Ren & Stimpy drawing originally made as the birthday gift for a good friend of mine. It turned out nicely, though I'm not pleased with Stimpy's nose (it's floating, doesn't look like it's connected to his head). The background is a modified version of the space drawing from last month's post.

Ren & Stimpy Aladdin fan art
Ren & Stimpy (C) John K. , Nickelodeon

Now, some latest news about the recently finished movie by Ivan Perić and me. It's called "A film for you" (or "Film za tebe" in Croatian), and I already posted some info about it, last December.

The film was successfully premiered on 17th January, and last weekend we received the note that it's been selected into the finals of the 18th edition of "Dani hrvatskog filma" ("Days of Croatian film") - Croatia's leading festival dedicated to the short and medium length films. That's a great success and breakthrough that will surely give a boost to our next projects. The festival will take place in Zagreb between 17th and 21th of March, and it's gonna be a really cool experience to see our film cheered (or booed) by a very large audience.

Click here to watch the trailer. It doesn't contain spoilers, and it makes the film look less weird than it really is. The film is essentially a love story gone wrong, and it's told with an unusual and experimental structure, in two parts that are both distinct and also interconnected in an interesting way.
If you're curious to take a look behind the scene and witness some of the serious work, fun and party atmosphere on our movie set, check the photo gallery and "the making of" video.

And now, here's the DVD box and cover for this movie, designed by me:

Also, my DVD cover for our previous movie called "Embrace Of The Blue":

This film has also been selected for an upcoming festival (RAF film festival in Zagreb, scheduled between 29th March and 4th April).

And by the way, the next movie project that starts in April is going to be nothing less than an adaptation of William Shakespeare's immortal tragedy ;)

Destroy all humans!!!

on Saturday, February 21, 2009
A piece of artwork made for the secret and mysterious Project Alpha:

space vermin

Well, let's take off at least some parts of the mystery. This is going to be an animated music video. More precisely, a fast paced funny cartoon in a classic style, with space/sci-fi thematics. It's currently in the storyboard and development stage, and I'm a part of the team that consists of six artists. It's strictly an internet collaboration, and we are soon going to need more people to help us with animation, inking and cleanup. Anybody interested in joining us can leave a comment here.

And now, let's take a better look...

monsters from the negaverse

... oh no!! Turn out the lights, please!!

ugly aliens

Thank you.


on Thursday, February 12, 2009
valentine's day cartoon illustration

Time is the substance of which I am made

Here's something different from my usual cartoon stuff, though it was made as a concept art & background artwork for a cartoon :)

Every picture has been created and painted entirely in Photoshop, starting from the black canvas. I was experimenting with various new techniques and tricks to get realistic (and slightly stylized) outer space landscapes.