Everything But A Kitchen Sink

on Sunday, November 23, 2008
  • "Are you going to update your blog soon? Almost an entire month passed without new artwork!"

    Well, I've been very busy but if you insist, I'll make an update right now.

  • "Good! Tell me first, what happened with the spamming problem mentioned in your previous post?"

    I reported the case to the Google help center, and haven't received any more spam mail from my "fake" address since then. Now, if any of you receive an e-mail that comes from my address, and involves your credit card number, prince of Nigeria, free Viagra, Rolex, 20 million $ or the last Irish midget, throw it into the wastebasket.

  • "Hey, and what happened at the gala premiere of that movie you worked on?"

    It was great! The movie was well received, and the audience was quiet and attentive for the entire 20 minutes. Nobody left before the end, or threw any garbage to the screen, so I guess that's a fine success. A very positive review was published in one of the leading Croatian newspapers last Tuesday, and you can read it here.

    Also, check out this "making of" documentary with goofs, outtakes, mistakes and weirdness that went on during the shooting of our post-apocalyptic poetic drama. I don't appear there because I was behind the camera, but my voice can be heard occasionally.

    In case you missed the trailer, here it is again. The whole film won't be on Youtube because it will participate on few movie festivals.

  • "Are you going to continue with your movie career?"

    Yes, in fact there's a new movie in preparation, and it will be finished around Christmas time. Can't reveal much about it right now, it's going to be a very cool experiment, in totally different style from the last movie. You'll hear more about it next month.

  • "That's all fine, but show us some drawings! That's why everybody's coming here."

    OK. Here's some Ren & Stimpy fanart. Couple of drawings have been the birthday presents for friends.

    Ren & Stimpy / Sody Pop / Spumco fanart

    Ren & Stimpy fanart

    Beatle Stimpy - Ren & Stimpy fanart

    Another piece of fanart, this time it's one-eyed spinach eating sailor.

    popeye and eugene the jeep

  • "Do you have anything new that isn't fanart?"

    Yes! Remember the Odd Couple drawing from two years ago? Here's another picture in the similar manner. Where does it takes place? Underwater, or in open space? Is it a love scene?

    weird aliens cartoon illustration

  • "It looks more like some alien porn to me. Now what about caricatures? You built your reputation as a destroyer of innocent faces."

    Sure. Here's a Björk caricature. Never tried to draw her before, though I'm a big fan.

    Bjork caricature

    The same drawing in its original form, without Photoshop colouring and textures:

    Bjork caricature

  • "Not bad, perhaps too cutesy. Got anything stronger?"

    How about an updated version of my Charles Manson caricature? If you thought the original version posted in January wasn't creepy enough... take this!

    Charles Manson caricature

  • "I haven't seen any comics from you for a long time. You're getting lazy..."

    Nothing new at the moment. Here's some funny old crap from 2002, never shown on this blog before. It's in Croatian, and I'd translate it if I'm not so lazy... maybe in few days, if I get enough requests.

  • "One last question... where's the kitchen sink?"

    Aaaahhhhh, f*#% off!!!!!!

    patrick said...

    haha, those are all amazing! The TV Stimpy one cracks me up to no end!

    Anonymous said...

    That is one demanding-ass questionnaire.

    Awesome art, man.


    Tim said...

    Thanks for updating. Always a pleasure to look at your stuff.

    Hammerson said...

    Patrick, Spumkin, Tim:
    thanks a lot! I'm really glad that somebody's still commenting and enjoying the artwork. Sorry to say, but I don't think I'm going to update this blog very often in the near future.

    Dominic Philibert said...

    Very nice stufff

    Anonymous said...

    Hammerson, if ya read me, please stop by my blog and critique my crappy caricatures.