on Thursday, October 30, 2008
halloween pumpkins cartoon drawing

Happy Halloween! See you at Christmas.

Coming soon

on Sunday, October 19, 2008
This Autumn, only in the crummiest joints... I beg your pardon, best cinemas in your town! Don't miss it!

This is not the latest Harry Potter movie, it's a film project that occupied me since late August. I was the assistant director, director of photography, and worked on the editing, sound and color correction/effects. The movie is called "Embrace Of The Blue" (original Croatian title "Zagrljaj modrine" sounds much more poetic).

The film was made by just five of us, members of the Kino Klub Split. We were risking our asses, shooting on some extreme locations: the old abandoned (haunted) house and a huge half-demolished factory. We were nearly killed, poisoned, electrocuted, burned alive and arrested, but the final result was worth the risk (I hope). It's our second film together, we learned a lot about moviemaking and got a tremendous experience that will help us on our future projects.

Check out this exclusive trailer! We don't give away the best parts in the trailer, so none of the most important scenes is revealed. Still, you'll get some better idea about the movie:

If you have a fast internet connection, go to this direct link and select "high quality" option. Just a warning - Youtube is sometimes ruining the final montage of very quick shots, depending on your internet connection or Youtube server overload.

The whole 20-minute movie won't be available on the net for a certain time because we're planning to enlist it for some festivals. The world premiere is scheduled for November 15th.

And while the movie took couple of months to finish, the poster shown above was made in just one day. Here's also an early, different version of the poster, in my opinion inferior to the final one, but still interesting to see.