Happy Happy Joy Joy

on Tuesday, September 09, 2008
Say hello to Ren & Stimpy's dad, and wish him Happy Birthday!

Ren & Stimpy fan art / birthday drawing

Here are few other pieces of my Ren & Stimpy fan art from the last 10 months:

The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen in action:

Ren & Stimpy - Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen

A drawing from last year, for a dear friend who was feeling down that day. Works better than happy helmet:


A recent experiment gone wrong (note - it's only a part of the bigger picture):

Stimpy as Kitsune Alien

Here's even more John K. / Spumco fan art for your enjoyment...
Various George Liquor expressions (all original, not copied from John's drawings):

George Liquor expressions

The next few pictures were directly based on the original drawings by John and other Spumco artists. Most of them are taken from my learning & practice blog:

Sody Pop

Jimmy the Idiot & Sody Pop - Valentine's Day

Sody Pop

Jimmy the Idiot Boy

Jimmy the Idiot Boy

Check this post for even more George Liquor stuff and fan-art.


patrick said...

Is Jimmy shooting a magic finger-ray at Sody's boob?

Great stuff btw!

El Gran Don Cocor said...

Wow, man. Speechless.
Great stuff.

Tim said...

All very good. The Yaksmen in particular is excellent. Makes me want to go watch the cartoon so I can laugh at the yak having his "freak-out".

Anonymous said...

This is so good! I love Ren and Stimpy

Mister Zero said...

Hey man, I just saw some of your posts on John K.'s blog, didn't know you had one, so now count me in as a subscriber!

Hammerson said...

Patrick: Yes it is. I gave a secret super-power to Jimmy :)

El gran Don Cocor: Thank you!

Tim: yeah, that's a great episode. Have you ever seen Bob Clampett's cartoon "Porky in Egypt"? Check it out, there's a scene that clearly served as an inspiration for the yak madness in RCKY.

Anonymous: So do I. Thanks!

Mister Zero: you're the same from the DeviantART? Welcome! There's plenty of material here that I haven't yet uploaded to DA.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Hammerson blog posts! -CBC

Hammerson said...

> Yay for Hammerson blog posts! -CBC

Yay for Casey's comments :)

michael said...


Enjoyed your Ren & Stimpy drawings.
Suprized, just found out how to post comments.

Hammerson said...

Thanks Michael, this is a nice surprise! I'm glad that you like the drawings (I think you saw most of them before). Now you can comment on John's blog too :)