Moonlight Warrior

on Thursday, August 07, 2008

Two different color treatments of the same drawing (can't decide which one is better). It's a Birthday present for an extraordinary artist and a dear friend.
Click on each picture to see the large version.


Chloe Cumming said...

I much prefer the night time one, meself. It got atmosphere.

Hammerson said...

Chloe, thanks for help and opinion! I have lot of trust in your impeccable artistic taste and judgement :)
I do like some subtle lighting, color combinations and the yellow paper effect on the first drawing. Also some textures are more prominent. The bottom one however has definitely much better atmosphere, and it's more in the spirit of its title. I prefer that one, just like you.
To complicate the situation further, I can add a third version with radically different color scheme, but these are more than enough. Thanks again and keep up with good work!