Cute and Creepy - part 2

on Monday, August 11, 2008
Caricature - Heath Ledger as The Joker

Cartoon drawing - goofy girl on ice


Tim said...

Good stuff! Really nice colors and light and shadow on the Joker piece.

trevor said...

Holy cow! You Heathed it up!

- trevor.

Hammerson said...

Tim, Trevor: Thanks, everybody likes the Joker!
And no love for the cute girl? This is so unfair :D

Krissy said...
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Krissy said...

Dude, Hammerson! This is either a coincidence or our brains are subconsciously/cosmically connected (or you happened to see my blog). My 2-29-08 blog entry
Anyway, great work! I'll def be back.

Hammerson said...

Krissy: thanks! I've never seen your blog before, so this must be some weird subconscious/cosmic thing :)
And you also have not one but TWO Cute & Creepy posts! Now, that's creepy :)