on Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Not finished yet?? Perhaps I'll do some additional work on the background. Anyway, I like the colors, but there's something wrong with girl's pose - it looks too awkward and unstable, at least to me.


Pedro Vargas said...

Wow, really nice drawing! Really nice linework. I also like the one below this one. I really like how you composed everything together. Love the pinhead mutant thing at the lower left side. It's hysterical!

Hammerson said...

Thanks! I hesitated to post this drawing because I dislike many things about it (especially the pose - it could be much better). Glad to know that it isn't so bad after all :)
The horror picture from the previous post is probably one of my best. I'm happy that you enjoyed both.

trevor said...

What's up, Ham The Man?

I too really dig this drawing, and have looked at it twice now to try and figger out what it is you dislike about the pose.

What I want to know is what you color with, and if you do your ink lines by hand or if you do it all in the computer.

- trevor.

Hammerson said...

Hey, Trevor! Thanks, it seems that everybody love this drawing, even I'm starting to like it, despite the problems :)

My main complaints: a certain stiffness of the pose, the skirt is poorly drawn, and the whole figure should be more integrated with the background. It looks like she's floating in front of the background, instead of standing firmly in the sand.

>>What I want to know is what you color with, and if you do your ink lines by hand or if you do it all in the computer.<<

Color: Photoshop. I'm always experimenting and trying some new techniques. One day I'll prepare a tutorial.

Lines: half of the drawing was done by hand, the other half in the computer (PS & Flash + Wacom tablet). I can go completely digital, but I'm still much faster with manual inking, so I'm combining both methods at the moment.

david gemmill said...

nice one! i really like the textures you're using

Hammerson said...