No.9 Dream

on Thursday, July 24, 2008
WTF?!? What does this picture mean? Where does it takes place? Was it just a dream?

I was doodling and warming up yesterday, in preparation for something else that I wanted to draw, when a quick absent-minded pencil sketch caught my attention. I immediately saw something cool in it, and just had to make a more elaborated version. The girl's face is little bit weird, with nose skewed towards one direction, and mouth towards another. It's a mistake from the original pencil sketch, and I kept it because it looks funny. I made more sketches of this whole scene, so expect the continuation in the following days. Could it possibly be a basis for some stream-of-consciousness cartoon or music video?

And speaking of music, the following songs were my soundtrack and big influence during the making of this picture:

Silver Apples: I Have Known Love
Stereolab: Super Falling Star
My Bloody Valentine: Lose My Breath
My Bloody Valentine: Sometimes
Moby: Natural Blues
Air: Once Upon a Time

All these songs have a peculiar dreamy atmosphere, and I just repeated them in a loop until the picture was finished.


Amir Avni said...

Fun stuff! Great drawing

Hammerson said...

I just added the second drawing :) Girl's face looks quite different in that one, and I'll have to make some corrections.
Funny thing is, I storyboarded nearly a whole cartoon with these characters earlier today. It started with just a simple sketch, and now it looks like I'll have to animate it one day :)

Many thanks for the comment and the constant encouragement for the George Liquor stuff. It means a lot to me!

James said...

Really cool stuff man. You work in photoshop right?

Hammerson said...

Thanks, glad that you liked it! Yeah, it's all done in Photoshop, except for the main linework that was scanned and imported to PS.

david gemmill said...

really like the colors and characters in this! nice stuff!

Sean Worsham said...

Hmmmm very personal....but I love it! Great colors and great feelings brought out in the art!

Hammerson said...

David, Sean: Thanks guys!! Glad that both of you liked it!

I made last week lot of sketches, storyboard drawings and concept art related to these pictures and characters. Don't want to show it all at once... I'll only upload some pieces from time to time. As I said, maybe it will turn into a real cartoon one day :)

Very personal? Not sure what you mean, but every good piece of art should be personal in one way or another, and it should evoke in viewer some feeling or offer a whole experience. I had fun doing these pictures, hope that people who look at them could feel it too.