No.9 Dream

on Thursday, July 24, 2008
WTF?!? What does this picture mean? Where does it takes place? Was it just a dream?

I was doodling and warming up yesterday, in preparation for something else that I wanted to draw, when a quick absent-minded pencil sketch caught my attention. I immediately saw something cool in it, and just had to make a more elaborated version. The girl's face is little bit weird, with nose skewed towards one direction, and mouth towards another. It's a mistake from the original pencil sketch, and I kept it because it looks funny. I made more sketches of this whole scene, so expect the continuation in the following days. Could it possibly be a basis for some stream-of-consciousness cartoon or music video?

And speaking of music, the following songs were my soundtrack and big influence during the making of this picture:

Silver Apples: I Have Known Love
Stereolab: Super Falling Star
My Bloody Valentine: Lose My Breath
My Bloody Valentine: Sometimes
Moby: Natural Blues
Air: Once Upon a Time

All these songs have a peculiar dreamy atmosphere, and I just repeated them in a loop until the picture was finished.

Cute and Creepy

on Friday, July 18, 2008
Here's something cute...

Nosferatu the Vampire

... and something creepy.

Pardon me... I think I mixed-up the captions above :)


on Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Not finished yet?? Perhaps I'll do some additional work on the background. Anyway, I like the colors, but there's something wrong with girl's pose - it looks too awkward and unstable, at least to me.