A Symphony of Horror

on Thursday, June 26, 2008
Here's in advance my Halloween picture for this year :)
Well, not really, but I was in the mood to do a funny horror drawing. It's dedicated to a dear friend who's a big fan of horror movies & memorabilia (and B-movies in general).

horror cartoon illustration

The main inspiration for this drawing were wonderfully creepy animated cartoons from the early '30s, especially those by Fleischer and Van Beuren studios, mixed with the Mad Magazine stuff from the '50s (and maybe a dash of EC comics too). Also, I tried to achieve a very particular color palette, a warm and slightly ancient look typical of the Technicolor cartoons, or the old printed illustrations from the first half of 20th century. Haven't quite achieved it here, but I'm pleased with the final effect.
I made one big mistake with the composition by putting the woman's face too close to the middle of the picture, and it's something that should be avoided whenever possible. Fortunately, it doesn't make much harm because the rest of the picture is completely asymetrical.

Even since the early childhood, I enjoyed doing this kind of detailed and complex pictures that contain a large number of characters or objects. It's always a great challenge to make every character clearly visible, and at the same time to make picture well organized as a whole. It's mostly achieved by careful selection of overlapping and negative space areas.
Here are two good examples of this type of picture among my older posts:

Beauty and the Sea Beasts
The Birth of Venus

And the really old one (from 11 years ago):
The Brain Destroyer
I didn't knew back then about the concept of negative space... and it's too obvious. Still, it looks cool ;)

Let The Sunshine In

on Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ice Scream

on Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Anybody for refreshment? How about a demon-infested ice cream?

ice cream monster cartoon illustration

Or maybe you prefer a nice juicy bug for a dessert...

cartoon drawing of insect

Sir Paul's Birthday

Paul McCartney's head in cosmic soup...

Paul McCartney caricature

and Paul McCartney's head in carrot soup!

Paul McCartney caricature

What a long strange trip it's been...

on Wednesday, June 11, 2008
HammersonLand is 2 years old now! You don't believe me? Jump into the time-machine and witness the birth of HammersonLand. Then proceed carefully through the whole archive.

Or you can take a shortcut, and check some of my favorite stuff posted here so far:

Click on the thumbnails to see the large versions. I sneaked among them one drawing that haven't been posted yet. Can you spot it?

Also, don't miss to check my learning & practice blog. It is updated quite regularly, and I'm currently learning to draw the characters from John Kricfalusi's George Liquor cartoon universe. John has been my hero and a great source of inspiration for the last 13 years, and he's right now hiring people for his new project.
Here are few of the recent entries from my practice blog:

Some additional news and curiosities:

• My illustration is going to be published in one of the upcoming issues of the acclaimed Witch Hunter comic . My artwork has also been featured in the promotional postcards offered on the Monarch Comics (the publisher of Witch Hunter) booth at the NY Comic Con.

• Another news... I've been attending the filmmaking class since the end of January, and last month our group has made a short live action movie (an 8-minute trash horror comedy). I was the assistant director, also involved in storyboarding, editing and sound design. It's been a great experience and lot of fun, and there are plans for some new projects and adventures in the world of cinema.

• A great new web site was launched last month:

Six extraordinary artists have united together, with a mission to entertain the world every working day of the week. Visit Dumm Comics web site for your daily dose of Dumm. You'll be a better, happier and healthier person.

• And speaking of comics... take a look at this amazing Fearless Fosdick story by Al Capp , posted at the wonderful ASIFA Hollywood archive web site. It's the greatest comic I've seen for this whole year (and longer).

That's all for today. Next update: who knows when?!?