Cage vs. Cave

on Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Who will win this celebrity deathmatch? Him?

Nicolas Cage caricature

Or maybe this guy?

Nick Cave caricature


Pedro Vargas said...

Haha nice Cage. These are hilarious! Looks just like him.

Anonymous said...

I think Nick Cave would kick Cage's ass anytime. Great caricatures!

Hammerson said...

Pedro, anonymous: thanks! Yes, I think Cave is capable of kicking anybody's ass :)

It's funny to compare this Nicolas Cage caricature with the older one, from couple of years ago, that I posted here last month. This new one is more exaggerated and better in every possible way. I guess it indicates some good progress, and I want to go even further, experiment more, and push these caricatures to some completely new level.

Sean Worsham said...

Nic Cage OWNS!

david santos said...


David Gale said...

Cave, hands down! Look at the mustache!

Hryma said...

Hey Hammerson!
Thanks for the comment,
I'm yet to use flash so I can't compare the benifts of illustrator.
Illustrator "fixes" the lines for ya, so pretty much anyone can learn how to draw in it, by tracing.
Photoshop is crazy to draw in, so slow, unless you probably have a cintiq. Trying to get the hand eye co-ordination on a tablet is nuts and slow.
On my blog, the bottom George with gun, one below with arms crossed, the colored one with him in the canoe and the phantom are all done in photoshop. You can see the difference.

Nick vs Nick, I can't choose, but I'm swaying towards Cage, I enjoy his flicks more than the tunes.

Hammerson said...

Thanks! I'm going to try Illustrator as soon as I fix my main computer (the video card died three days ago, and I'm right now in the similar situation as you). You're right about the hand & eye coordination with tablet. I have it really good with mouse, but tablet took me some more time to get used to, though it offers a more natural drawing experience.