Something old, something new

on Tuesday, April 15, 2008
This is not the happiest time in HammersonLand right now, and I wanted to make a longer break from blogging. Still, I can't let this month pass, without at least two updates. Here's the first one...


I've got dozens of sketches and half-finished drawings from the last few weeks, and currently too little time to properly complete any of them. So, I'm showing a combination of new crap, polished old turds, and a shiny unseen piece of shit :)

This one's new. The blue phase strikes again!

Sting caricature

And here's the flesh-colored version. Pick your favorite flavor.

Sting caricature

Does anybody remember the monster twins? You can see the black & white original here

Olsen Twins as Zombies caricature

Mr.Tarantino's chin-action:

Quentin Tarantino caricature

And a real rarity for the end. I found it on the bottom of the drawer, I swear! It's something originally made in 2006, and completely forgotten until now. It's an old drawing, yet it doesn't look so bad with the new color added last weekend. I was thinking to draw the rest, but the disembodied head of Nicholas Cage on blue background has some special mystical and metaphysical quality, so I left it as it is.

Nicolas Cage caricature


Eshniner Forest said...

Haha !! These are funny! Some day I hope to have a noggin as big as Stings. :)

Jim said...

I like flesh, but I'm loving the blue phase, Great art.