Happy Birthday to...

on Saturday, April 26, 2008
• Marlo

Marlo Meekins caricature

• Kristen

• Coral

One Piece fan art & birthday card

All of them celebrated their birthdays in April, and now it's my turn (27th April). Yes, it means that Hammerson is 252 years old (check my profile, if you don't believe). Happy Birthday to me! :)

And here are some of the Birthday drawings I received during the last two days:
• This is a terrific caricature of me, by Sean Worsham, an extraordinary artist and a great friend. My mighty pencil looks here like Excalibur :)

• Another superb artist made a portrait of my strange face. Kristen (yes, the same one from the drawing above) is a true master of funny drawings, and I'm honored to be her latest caricature victim :)

Of course, I'm much more handsome in the real life ;)

• Next, here's a beautiful drawing by a cartoonist superstar of the future, Kali Fontecchio:

• And finally, the amazing Jesse Oliver made a funny B-day card for me, with his characters Johnny and Adam:

Thanks to you pals, and to everybody else who sent me the birthday greetings.

They're going to kill me for this...

on Sunday, April 20, 2008
These two charming young ladies are friends and colleagues from the movie-making class that I'm attending since early February. They are waiting for these portraits, to be sure whether they're going to kill me slowly, or just mutilate me in the most painful way :)

Next month, we're all together going to shoot a five minute live action film, about the drinking contest on the graveyard, interrupted by a bunch of hungry zombies. Probably not an Oscar-nomination material, but lot of fun neverthenless. I'll keep you updated on a progress.


on Thursday, April 17, 2008
Mariah Carey caricature

Something old, something new

on Tuesday, April 15, 2008
This is not the happiest time in HammersonLand right now, and I wanted to make a longer break from blogging. Still, I can't let this month pass, without at least two updates. Here's the first one...


I've got dozens of sketches and half-finished drawings from the last few weeks, and currently too little time to properly complete any of them. So, I'm showing a combination of new crap, polished old turds, and a shiny unseen piece of shit :)

This one's new. The blue phase strikes again!

Sting caricature

And here's the flesh-colored version. Pick your favorite flavor.

Sting caricature

Does anybody remember the monster twins? You can see the black & white original here

Olsen Twins as Zombies caricature

Mr.Tarantino's chin-action:

Quentin Tarantino caricature

And a real rarity for the end. I found it on the bottom of the drawer, I swear! It's something originally made in 2006, and completely forgotten until now. It's an old drawing, yet it doesn't look so bad with the new color added last weekend. I was thinking to draw the rest, but the disembodied head of Nicholas Cage on blue background has some special mystical and metaphysical quality, so I left it as it is.

Nicolas Cage caricature