Surprise, surprise!

on Sunday, February 10, 2008
Be careful when you slice your birthday cake. It might contain a special magic ingredient - a birthday cake fairy :)

That's a birthday card for my friend Sean. I originally made it in color, but something didn't look right in that version. It was a first time after many months that I wasn't really able to hit the right color scheme. So, I tried with the sepiatone version, and the picture finally made sense. In fact, it increased the weird and surreal atmosphere.
So, here's to you Sean. And many happy returns!


Sean Worsham said...

Many thanks Hammmerson! I really appreciate this a lot and for that I can't thank you enough for being a friend to me. This is the best present I ever recieved on my birthday and for that I am eternally grateful to your thoughtful gift as no one has ever drawn a charicature of me ever. :) I wish you the best for years to come! :D

Sean Worsham said...

Your Pal,


Hammerson said...

Thank you so much!!!