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on Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Another day, another birthday :) This time it's Pedro Vargas , a friend and a terrific artist. He's currently working on his own animated cartoon, so wish him Happy Birthday and good luck on his mission. These are his own characters, and I hope I haven't butchered them too much.

Speaking of cartoons, I don't think I ever posted my Ren & Stimpy fan art. Here are two pieces (one of them was a special New Year greeting), and I'll put more R&S drawings in some other occasion.

Ren & Stimpy

Ren & Stimpy

And don't forget your daily visit to the blog of Ren & Stimpy's dad. It's one of internet's brightest spots, beside my blog of course :D


Pedro Vargas said...

Thanks, Hammerson!!! Man this looks great! I'm really digging this drawing! It really makes me happy to see this. I really appreciate you did this.

You haven't butchered them at all! It's just so damn cool to see my characters in your style! You're an awesome artist as well as an awesome friend!

Many thanks again!

Your fan,

Pedro Vargas

Hammerson said...

Thank you so much, Pedro! I enjoyed drawing these characters, especially because your original designs for them are great. I hope you had a terrific birthday!