on Saturday, February 02, 2008
At the kind request from a sweet young lady, here's my self-portrait. But wait a minute, why it doesn't look like me at all? The reason is simple: this picture belongs to that weird and rare category of FAKE self-portraits :)

This is how people imagine me to look like... I took that description and made a more extreme version of it. The result: a portrait of a typically messy artist who lives and creates only in the state of total chaos around him. I know lot of people like that, especially among the artists and computer "experts". Since I'm some kind of both, I should be an uber-nerd too, but somehow I'm in many things a total opposite of the dude in the picture. Maybe I need to add some chaos in my life :)


Sean Worsham said...

Wow!!! Were you stalking me and looking in my window when you drew this??? XD

Good Job!!!

Hammerson said...

HAHAHAHAHA... thanks! Any similarity with you is purely coincidental, I swear :)
However, there's another picture in preparation... just wait :)