Manson & Manson

on Monday, January 07, 2008
Manson & Manson - sounds like a lawyer office :)
This is a psycho-test. Who's your favorite Manson?
First, here's Marilyn. The scariest guy on planet Earth? Maybe not...

Marilyn Manson caricature

He's a nice and sensitive guy, especially when you compare him to Charlie:

Charles Manson caricature

Now, this is really scary! Don't look into his eyes!
Even I find this picture ugly and disturbing. Sorry...

Pleasant dreams, my friends! :)


Arschblog said...

Marilyn Manson! An very interesting personality! I like how you drew him!:D
And yes, Charles looks really creepy, and you put his creepiness perfectly in your drawing! Great job!!!

Hammerson said...

Thanks! I like both pictures, and with them tried to step outside of my usual cartoony style and do something little bit different, especially with the color (lately I've been doing lot of experiments with color in Phtoshop).

Charles Manson drawing still gives me creeps, and I felt quite uncomfortable when I was drawing it last night :) I wanted to make his eyes looking directly at the viewer, no matter from what angle the picture is seen, and I think I managed to achieve something close to that.

Oh, and I promise my next update won't give you any bad dreams :)

Katie said...

Charlie is definitely my favorite! More scary and interesting! However, if I had to meet one in an alleyway...I'd say Marilyn...I'm pretty sure I could kick his ass! :)

Nice likenesses...these are really good!

Sean Worsham said...

Nice creepy look on Charles Manson! YIKES!!! I would definitely not want to be in the same room as him....:/