Beauty and the Sea-Beasts

on Saturday, January 12, 2008
mermaid cartoon illustration


Anonymous said...

Remind me of Annette Funicello from Back to the Beach :).

Kristen McCabe said...

OOooh Pretty! There's so much cool stuff to look at in this pic. I love the beautiful mermaids webbed hands. I can't stop laughing at the naked king neptune. The starfish is really cute too!

Eshniner Forest said...

What program do you use to colour? you have a good eye! :)

Hammerson said...

>> Remind me of Annette Funicello from Back to the Beach :). <<

It's not her, but this drawing is inspired by a real person/mermaid. And she loves it :)

Thanks!! That's actually a farting naked king Neptune :)
I love to fill the pictures with lot of secondary characters and funny details. Glad to know that you found plenty of entertainment in this underwater scene. And I really liked that new year megaupdate on your blog! Can't wait for the next one!

Enshiner forest:
It's all done in Photoshop. I'm using several layers for color in Normal, Screen and Multiply mode, and mix them with different fill or opacity percentage. Lately, my first step is always to add one layer above the artwork, in "normal" mode and fill it completely with one dominant color. Then I put the opacity of that layer to 15-20%, to add the slight tint to the whole picture and the linework. And then I proceed with the other color layers above or below that main one. I do lot of other tricks that are hard to explain briefly... maybe I'll post some tutorial next month.