Girls & Guns

on Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Last update in 2008. The first drawing was a submission for Mini-Komix publisher. I was asked to do a piece of artwork for their "Super Sexy Sketchbook" which has the theme of Fembots & Space Gals.

Spacegirl cartoon drawing

Gantz fanart Nishi


on Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Santa's too drunk to perform his duty this year, so here's a replacement:

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

A Film For You

Just one month after the premiere of "Embrace of the Blue", here comes another movie by Ivan Peric and me. This one is exploring similar themes as the previous film (love, madness, alienation, loneliness), but in a totally different style. It's very much an experiment, a story told in two ways through two separate (and yet interconnected) movies shown consecutively. Beside being a love story, it's also a comment about the filmmaking process and creative frustration. There's another important element, a total surprise that I won't spoil here.

The film was shot in a 500-year old house owned by Suncica Perisin Tomljanovic, a young and very talented Croatian painter. She's the main protagonist together with Marko P.Kapitanovic (our regular player), and that's her artwork visible in nearly every scene.

Trailer and "making of" documentary are going to be finished by the end of the year, and a public showing is planned for mid-January. I'll update this post with the links and some additional info. In the meantime, here are several artsy wide-angle screenshots filled with heavy and mysterious symbolism:

Everything But A Kitchen Sink

on Sunday, November 23, 2008
  • "Are you going to update your blog soon? Almost an entire month passed without new artwork!"

    Well, I've been very busy but if you insist, I'll make an update right now.

  • "Good! Tell me first, what happened with the spamming problem mentioned in your previous post?"

    I reported the case to the Google help center, and haven't received any more spam mail from my "fake" address since then. Now, if any of you receive an e-mail that comes from my address, and involves your credit card number, prince of Nigeria, free Viagra, Rolex, 20 million $ or the last Irish midget, throw it into the wastebasket.

  • "Hey, and what happened at the gala premiere of that movie you worked on?"

    It was great! The movie was well received, and the audience was quiet and attentive for the entire 20 minutes. Nobody left before the end, or threw any garbage to the screen, so I guess that's a fine success. A very positive review was published in one of the leading Croatian newspapers last Tuesday, and you can read it here.

    Also, check out this "making of" documentary with goofs, outtakes, mistakes and weirdness that went on during the shooting of our post-apocalyptic poetic drama. I don't appear there because I was behind the camera, but my voice can be heard occasionally.

    In case you missed the trailer, here it is again. The whole film won't be on Youtube because it will participate on few movie festivals.

  • "Are you going to continue with your movie career?"

    Yes, in fact there's a new movie in preparation, and it will be finished around Christmas time. Can't reveal much about it right now, it's going to be a very cool experiment, in totally different style from the last movie. You'll hear more about it next month.

  • "That's all fine, but show us some drawings! That's why everybody's coming here."

    OK. Here's some Ren & Stimpy fanart. Couple of drawings have been the birthday presents for friends.

    Ren & Stimpy / Sody Pop / Spumco fanart

    Ren & Stimpy fanart

    Beatle Stimpy - Ren & Stimpy fanart

    Another piece of fanart, this time it's one-eyed spinach eating sailor.

    popeye and eugene the jeep

  • "Do you have anything new that isn't fanart?"

    Yes! Remember the Odd Couple drawing from two years ago? Here's another picture in the similar manner. Where does it takes place? Underwater, or in open space? Is it a love scene?

    weird aliens cartoon illustration

  • "It looks more like some alien porn to me. Now what about caricatures? You built your reputation as a destroyer of innocent faces."

    Sure. Here's a Björk caricature. Never tried to draw her before, though I'm a big fan.

    Bjork caricature

    The same drawing in its original form, without Photoshop colouring and textures:

    Bjork caricature

  • "Not bad, perhaps too cutesy. Got anything stronger?"

    How about an updated version of my Charles Manson caricature? If you thought the original version posted in January wasn't creepy enough... take this!

    Charles Manson caricature

  • "I haven't seen any comics from you for a long time. You're getting lazy..."

    Nothing new at the moment. Here's some funny old crap from 2002, never shown on this blog before. It's in Croatian, and I'd translate it if I'm not so lazy... maybe in few days, if I get enough requests.

  • "One last question... where's the kitchen sink?"

    Aaaahhhhh, f*#% off!!!!!!
  • Hacked!

    on Sunday, November 09, 2008
    Sorry, no pictures in this update.
    Several days ago, my blog was attacked and heavily spammed so I had to activate the comments moderation to prevent any similar accident from happening. And today I discovered that my e-mail address (the Gmail account) has been hijacked and used for sending the spam garbage around. When I inspected my spam folder, I found several stupid e-mail messages that allegedly came from my own e-mail address. So, if any of you has received a "suspicious" message that came from my address, please forgive me. It's a fake and wasn't really sent by me. That's a case of identity theft!


    on Thursday, October 30, 2008
    halloween pumpkins cartoon drawing

    Happy Halloween! See you at Christmas.

    Coming soon

    on Sunday, October 19, 2008
    This Autumn, only in the crummiest joints... I beg your pardon, best cinemas in your town! Don't miss it!

    This is not the latest Harry Potter movie, it's a film project that occupied me since late August. I was the assistant director, director of photography, and worked on the editing, sound and color correction/effects. The movie is called "Embrace Of The Blue" (original Croatian title "Zagrljaj modrine" sounds much more poetic).

    The film was made by just five of us, members of the Kino Klub Split. We were risking our asses, shooting on some extreme locations: the old abandoned (haunted) house and a huge half-demolished factory. We were nearly killed, poisoned, electrocuted, burned alive and arrested, but the final result was worth the risk (I hope). It's our second film together, we learned a lot about moviemaking and got a tremendous experience that will help us on our future projects.

    Check out this exclusive trailer! We don't give away the best parts in the trailer, so none of the most important scenes is revealed. Still, you'll get some better idea about the movie:

    If you have a fast internet connection, go to this direct link and select "high quality" option. Just a warning - Youtube is sometimes ruining the final montage of very quick shots, depending on your internet connection or Youtube server overload.

    The whole 20-minute movie won't be available on the net for a certain time because we're planning to enlist it for some festivals. The world premiere is scheduled for November 15th.

    And while the movie took couple of months to finish, the poster shown above was made in just one day. Here's also an early, different version of the poster, in my opinion inferior to the final one, but still interesting to see.


    on Sunday, September 21, 2008
    Masaru Katou Gantz fanart

    The Great Gig In The Sky

    on Tuesday, September 16, 2008
    pink floyd richard wright caricature

    RIP Richard Wright (1943-2008), the founder member of Pink Floyd

    Katie Rice Day

    on Friday, September 12, 2008
    Time has come for a traditional "Happy Birthday to Katie Rice" post :)

    Here's Katie, as a cartoon character. This picture was inspired by the title cards for the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

    And these are Skadi and Diseasoid, two popular creations by Katie Rice and Luke Cormican, in my interpretation:

    Visit Dumm Comics website for more Skadi and other cool stuff. Also, don't forget to regularly check Funny Cute blog and enjoy in Katie's amazing artwork.

    Happy Happy Joy Joy

    on Tuesday, September 09, 2008
    Say hello to Ren & Stimpy's dad, and wish him Happy Birthday!

    Ren & Stimpy fan art / birthday drawing

    Here are few other pieces of my Ren & Stimpy fan art from the last 10 months:

    The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen in action:

    Ren & Stimpy - Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen

    A drawing from last year, for a dear friend who was feeling down that day. Works better than happy helmet:


    A recent experiment gone wrong (note - it's only a part of the bigger picture):

    Stimpy as Kitsune Alien

    Here's even more John K. / Spumco fan art for your enjoyment...
    Various George Liquor expressions (all original, not copied from John's drawings):

    George Liquor expressions

    The next few pictures were directly based on the original drawings by John and other Spumco artists. Most of them are taken from my learning & practice blog:

    Sody Pop

    Jimmy the Idiot & Sody Pop - Valentine's Day

    Sody Pop

    Jimmy the Idiot Boy

    Jimmy the Idiot Boy

    Check this post for even more George Liquor stuff and fan-art.

    Yeah Baby Yeah

    on Sunday, September 07, 2008
    The International Man of Mystery is here!

    Austin Powers caricature , Mike Myers

    Shall we shag now, or shall we shag later?

    Austin Powers caricature, Mike Myers

    Let's get shagged in 3D!

    The Last Laugh

    on Friday, August 22, 2008
    Here's something made in the year 2003, an older comic from the depths of my dark and musty vault. All the characters are real, and the story is based on some true life situations (with healthy dose of poetic exaggeration, of course).
    This is the original page in Croatian, so it shouldn't be any problem to understand it.

    What, you haven't yet learned the language? OK, I'll forgive you this time, and provide an English translation. I changed and adapted big parts of the text, and it's probably not as funny as the original :)

    More comics with the same bunch of weirdos:
    Virtual Stupidity
    Teleportation Trouble
    Checkmate (Croatian version only)

    Cute and Creepy - part 2

    on Monday, August 11, 2008
    Caricature - Heath Ledger as The Joker

    Cartoon drawing - goofy girl on ice

    No.9 Dream

    on Thursday, July 24, 2008
    WTF?!? What does this picture mean? Where does it takes place? Was it just a dream?

    I was doodling and warming up yesterday, in preparation for something else that I wanted to draw, when a quick absent-minded pencil sketch caught my attention. I immediately saw something cool in it, and just had to make a more elaborated version. The girl's face is little bit weird, with nose skewed towards one direction, and mouth towards another. It's a mistake from the original pencil sketch, and I kept it because it looks funny. I made more sketches of this whole scene, so expect the continuation in the following days. Could it possibly be a basis for some stream-of-consciousness cartoon or music video?

    And speaking of music, the following songs were my soundtrack and big influence during the making of this picture:

    Silver Apples: I Have Known Love
    Stereolab: Super Falling Star
    My Bloody Valentine: Lose My Breath
    My Bloody Valentine: Sometimes
    Moby: Natural Blues
    Air: Once Upon a Time

    All these songs have a peculiar dreamy atmosphere, and I just repeated them in a loop until the picture was finished.

    Cute and Creepy

    on Friday, July 18, 2008
    Here's something cute...

    Nosferatu the Vampire

    ... and something creepy.

    Pardon me... I think I mixed-up the captions above :)


    on Tuesday, July 08, 2008
    Not finished yet?? Perhaps I'll do some additional work on the background. Anyway, I like the colors, but there's something wrong with girl's pose - it looks too awkward and unstable, at least to me.

    A Symphony of Horror

    on Thursday, June 26, 2008
    Here's in advance my Halloween picture for this year :)
    Well, not really, but I was in the mood to do a funny horror drawing. It's dedicated to a dear friend who's a big fan of horror movies & memorabilia (and B-movies in general).

    horror cartoon illustration

    The main inspiration for this drawing were wonderfully creepy animated cartoons from the early '30s, especially those by Fleischer and Van Beuren studios, mixed with the Mad Magazine stuff from the '50s (and maybe a dash of EC comics too). Also, I tried to achieve a very particular color palette, a warm and slightly ancient look typical of the Technicolor cartoons, or the old printed illustrations from the first half of 20th century. Haven't quite achieved it here, but I'm pleased with the final effect.
    I made one big mistake with the composition by putting the woman's face too close to the middle of the picture, and it's something that should be avoided whenever possible. Fortunately, it doesn't make much harm because the rest of the picture is completely asymetrical.

    Even since the early childhood, I enjoyed doing this kind of detailed and complex pictures that contain a large number of characters or objects. It's always a great challenge to make every character clearly visible, and at the same time to make picture well organized as a whole. It's mostly achieved by careful selection of overlapping and negative space areas.
    Here are two good examples of this type of picture among my older posts:

    Beauty and the Sea Beasts
    The Birth of Venus

    And the really old one (from 11 years ago):
    The Brain Destroyer
    I didn't knew back then about the concept of negative space... and it's too obvious. Still, it looks cool ;)

    Let The Sunshine In

    on Wednesday, June 25, 2008

    Ice Scream

    on Tuesday, June 24, 2008
    Anybody for refreshment? How about a demon-infested ice cream?

    ice cream monster cartoon illustration

    Or maybe you prefer a nice juicy bug for a dessert...

    cartoon drawing of insect

    Sir Paul's Birthday

    Paul McCartney's head in cosmic soup...

    Paul McCartney caricature

    and Paul McCartney's head in carrot soup!

    Paul McCartney caricature