John & Yoko

on Saturday, December 08, 2007
Today's the 27-th anniversary (how time flies) of John Lennon's death. So, here's a quick caricature of John & Yoko, straight from the memory, without photo-reference. And be thankful that I haven't included the bottom half of the picture :)

John Lennon & Yoko Ono caricature


Pat McMicheal said...

Very cool...Wow, I remember exactly what I was doing when I heard that horrible news! I was helping my oldest brother move furniture into his new house!!! It really doesn't seem THAT long ago!
Great likeness...some of the first serious portraits I've done were of the Beatles! I drew the complete inside of the Sgt. Pepper Album cover...It came out pretty good from what I remember! I wish I still had that drawing!

Hammerson said...

Thanks! Yes, I also remember the day I heard about Lennon's death. My mother told me when I returned from school. I was seven years old, and already a Beatles fan thanks to my aunt who had a huge Beatles collection (she's strictly an opera buff now). She gave me her copy of Sgt.Pepper for my previous birthday, and I was absolutely mesmerized by it (both music, the cover photo and the whole package). It's not even my favorite Beatles album now, but it made a big influence on me (the picture in the previous post is of course a tribute to it). It's a pity that you lost your Sgt.Pepper drawing. It must have been amazing.