on Thursday, December 13, 2007
bloated sacks

Shiny happy Balloon-People.


Arschblog said...

These are some really funny balloons!
My favourite is the Vampire guy balloon(sorry, don't know his name)!XD

Hammerson said...

Thanks Steffi! Consider yourself incredibly lucky for not knowing these people... I mean, balloons. I'll explain you this picture, later.

Yuan he said...

Hi I am a advertising student working on a print ad called "7 Deadly Sins".
My text is
Dont Kill Pride
It collects empty credits;
Inflates you into a pretty balloon.
It puts on a sheepskin;
Comforts your hidden fear.

Keep Laughing.
Keep Floating.
Stay Lost.
Why be afraid of the approaching death?

You never really lived,
You've been proud.

I was looking for fat people balloons for the text and i came across your balloon heads. It was a really nice concept. Good job!