on Monday, November 19, 2007


Arschblog said...

He have something cute, even as psycho!XD His face-expression is great! Renishi rulez!!!
I have to do my version of him!XD

Hammerson said...

Thanks Steffi! Yeah, he's a cute little psychotic alien-killer :)
Can't wait to see your version! After all, you inspired me to do this picture. :) I was doing a drawing of Ren & Stimpy in Gantz suits for you, and then decided to go further and make a total crossover of the two universes.

And some info for the uninitiated: this drawing is the unnatural hybrid of two completely unrelated characters (one from a very famous cartoon, and another from a terrific Manga). It works surprisingly well.

Anonymous said...

Ne zajebaji, ovo je Davor Gobac:)


Hammerson said...

>> Ne zajebaji, ovo je Davor Gobac:) <<

E jebi ga, stvarno slici iako mi uopce nije bila namjera :)
Nacrtat cu i njega nekom drugom zgodom.
Jesi li ti na CRS-u ili si ostao u Splitu?

Anonymous said...

Split, nisam nesto u djiru festivala, to mi je naporno, guzva, put, a i ovako neman vrimena ni za pogledat tv, a kamoli sto pametnije.


never you said...

Heh, i can see it now..

:you must go kill now,
"Stimpy Alien"
Short, Stoopid
Fav food: Gritty kitty Litter
Fav saying: Happy Happy, Joy Joy

40 points.