Miss Rehab 2007

on Sunday, November 25, 2007
Here's everybody's favorite junkie celebrity in action!

Amy Winehouse caricature


Anonymous said...

Amy Winehouse is the worst human being on the planet.

And her music is TERRIBLE.

Sean Worsham said...

Who is Amy Winehouse Jorge?

Sean Worsham said...

Good drawing nonetheless though Hammerson, you are a charicaturist like no other.

Pedro Vargas said...

Very cool drawing, Hammerson! I remember seeing her months ago on tv and wondered what all the hype was about her. It seems like she bacame a celebrity overnight and the media was trying to convince us she's been a singing sensation for years. That sorta thing really bugs me.

By the way, love the drawing in the post below and the drawing of Jesse Oliver is awesome!

Hammerson said...

Jorge, Sean, Pedro... THANKS GUYS!! You rock!!!

Sean: make a Google search and you'll find all the ugly details. In brief, she's a singer who really emerged a year ago with her second album. Some critics declared her as the biggest talent in pop music for the last two decades - an gross overstatement in my opinion. She has some talent, but as soon as became successful, she almost immediately started pissing it all away with heavy drugs & booze lifestyle that could make even Keith Richards blush. She's in a big trouble, I'm afraid.