5 minutes of fame

on Saturday, November 10, 2007
Andy Warhol once said: "in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes". And I say, 5 minutes is enough for some people. On the following pages, I'll show you the whole lifetime of my main hero, including his obligatory 5 minutes of fame.
This story won the second prize on the annual Croatian comics-fest CRŠ (one of my three prizes on this festival so far - a record of some kind). Some people think it's my best comic ever... maybe it is, but I'd prefer to think that best is yet to come. I made it very quickly because of the tight deadline, so it took me only 10 days to finish it. Because of that, there are some rough spots and drawing mistakes that are making me bristle when I read it now. Still, it came out pretty well, under the circumstances.

Here is the original in Croatian, and don't be afraid to check it out even if you don't understand the language. Maybe I'll upload the English version next week, if I manage to successfully resolve few problems in translation. Some story elements and jokes will be inevitably lost in another language, unfortunately.

People find this story either incredibly depressing or hilarious... it depends on whose side you're on. And if you loved this one, don't miss my other suicidal comic strip. Perhaps I need to make another one, and have a real suicide trilogy in my opus :) But I don't like to draw depressing stuff (though I like to read it sometimes)...


Sean Worsham said...

Deep very deep. I love the fact that the girl he loves looks like Kristen and the fact that the bullies became famous. You really have shown the sad facts of reality very well. In the real world not everything ends like a fairytale, things happen because they do no matter how hard we try.

But we can hope eh?

Hammerson said...

Thanks! You seem to be the only one who actually read this whole damn thing until the end :)
It's a pity that many additional layers of the story are lost because of the foreign language. There are lot of interesting details (graffiti on the wall, newspapers, etc.) that contribute further to the story, but you understood its essence without problem.

She looks like Kristen?!? It wasn't intentional :))) But I want to draw her. She's an awesome artist and a real master of caricature.