Spacegirl returns

on Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Technically, this is called "cheating" :)
Instead of a brand new drawing for my 100-th post, I'm serving you an refurbished old one. This drawing was originally made last October and it was black & white, but I always thought it deserved a full color treatment. So, here it is... a pretty sight for your tired eyeballs.


Katie said...

AWESOME! I love all the funny details in this, like the little alien choking in the smoke...hooray!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hammerson!

I finally got the first part of my Terrytoons post done. It's up on my blog, in case if you are interested.


From an inspiring cartoonist/ artist


Hammerson said...

Katie: Big thanks!!! Your comments always make me happy :)

Bruce: of course I'm interested. Good work! I've read it earlier today and just wrote a comment. Can't wait to see the part two.