It's Katie's Birthday!

on Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Another genius cartoonist is celebrating birthday today.

Go, visit Funny Cute right now, and wish happy birthday to Katie Rice!


Katie said...

Thank yoooouuuuu!!!! I love this drawing! I'm flattered and happy! I wasn't excited about my birthday but now I am in a happy mood!

Katie said...

Hey, do you mind if I repost this on my own blog? :)

Hammerson said...

Wow, thanks!!!

>> Hey, do you mind if I repost this on my own blog? :) <<

No problem, it would be a great honor for me :)

Ben Forbes said...

This rocks!

Pat McMicheal said...

Wow, Hammerson....This is QUITE awesome!!!! Great flowing shapes on her body!!! It adds Great movement to this drawing!! Well done my friend!
I like those monks too.

Hammerson said...

Ben, Pat: thanks a lot guys!
Yeah, I tried to use as much flowing shapes as I could, to achieve the sense of movement that's sometimes lacking in my drawings. Some early pencil sketches were wild and even more dynamic. I really like this drawing, but I wish I made it better... there are few details and mistakes that really bother me (especially that bird in the top right corner - the design could be MUCH improved).