Robert De Niro's waiting...

on Friday, August 31, 2007
Calm down ladies, he's married!

That's was a quick attempt to make a Robert De Niro caricature, straight from the memory, without using any photo reference. I tried this just as an experiment, and I hope it looks enough like him. What do you think?


Pedro Vargas said...

Cool!! It looks just like him. You got the eyes and mole down just right! I immediately knew it was him from looking at his big ol' nose. I usually don't trust myself to do a caricature of a celebrity from my thoughts. I'd have to look up photos and stuff. Very good job on this!

Arschblog said...

Dammit!!! I was hoping to get him as my husband!XD

Great caricature!!! I like how you made his nose!:)

Hammerson said...

Pedro, Steffi: Thanks!!! It seems that the nose is a real star of this picture :) It's funny, because I would never draw a nose like this if I used the photos. This one was really from the memory, and my personal impression of De Niro (who's one of my favorite actors by the way).

>> Dammit!!! I was hoping to get him as my husband!XD <<

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Well, you'll have to wait until he divorces, or try to find a husband somewhere else :)
Cartoonists are very good husbands ;-)

Joe Bluhm said...

Great likeness. I dig it!