Dancing Girl

on Monday, August 13, 2007
This was initiated yesterday as a quick pencil sketch, just one of my daily drawing exercises. I liked the drawing, and decided to make a finished picture out of it. I don't know which version (blue or orange background) functions better, so here are both:

Update: here's the third variation, based on the same pencil sketch. The pose is similar, and the girl is different. Just an experiment... I prefer the first two.


Arschblog said...

The girl looks great, really sexy!
I like her pose and face expression!
Backgrounds: I like the blue BG better!^-^

Hammerson said...

Thanks Steffi! That picture was based on a former girlfriend, and I tried to make a cartoon character of her :)
Also, I was to a large degree inspired by your works, and you're a real expert for drawing sexy and cute girls. I have numerous pencil sketches of girls in various dancing poses, and I must clean-up and rework the best of them for the final versions. It's for that secret and funny project I told you about last month :)