The Continuing Adventures of Branko Stoka - part 2

on Thursday, July 05, 2007
(Warning: again, this post is rated R - there's some nudity, bad language and violence. If you're offended by all that, scroll down to some "safer" posts, or leave this blog immediately!)

Here are few more panels from my Branko Stoka comic book currently in preparation. I posted about it YESTERDAY , and
. If everything goes according to plan, the book will be finished and available next year (probably around the time of MaFest comics festival in Croatia).

You'll find this thing only in the world's best comic-book stores. Buy it and laugh with our hero...

...or laugh at him!

Join Branko Stoka on his epic quest.

He's looking for the love in the strange places.

He's going to meet some dangerous women...

... and extremely dangerous men

He'll endure the most horrendous physical pain and sacrifice for the Higher Purpose

He's going to demonstrate the subtle art of seduction. Watch him carefuly and learn his advanced techniques.

His body may be broken, but his spirit is unstoppable.

Is he going to be lucky this time? You'll eventually find out, next year.