Sir Paul

on Saturday, June 02, 2007
Well, all that Beatle talk in the previous post has made me think about something curious: despite the fact that I've been a Fab Four fan since the earliest childhood, I've never made a Beatles caricature. Yesterday I tried some quick sketches with various degrees of success, so expect at least one or two Beatles caricatures in some near future. For now, here's only Sir Paul, wearing his Sgt.Pepper moustache. Not too bad for the first attempt. It kinda looks like him, although it reminds me of some ungodly hybrid between Clark Gable and Nosferatu.

Paul McCartney caricature

And here's my all time favorite Beatles photo. Have a nice week-end, folks!

Beatles butcher cover


Arschblog said...

Paul looks cool! I like how you draw his sleepy eyes!:)

Okapi Figment William said...

I dig your Paul drawing! By the way the Beatles rule.

Anonymous said...


Hammerson said...

Steffi, William: thanks a lot!

>> Who? <<

The Who were a terrific band but this picture is not about them :-)