Report from MaFest - part 2

on Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Last update: 14.06.2007.

Here's the second round of the caricatures of my colleagues, Croatian comics artists. I met all these people last month at MaFest comics festival, and first part of my report with caricatures can be seen HERE . Also, I will add the respective links to the blogs of these persons (in case they have one) after I complete this second batch of drawings.

Well, what we got here... she's among other things a comics artist, a painter, a conceptual artist, and a performance artist. She's been everything except a cartoon character, so I turned her into one :-) Only the limited amount of people would be able to understand the arcane symbolism of this picture. Everybody else - just enjoy the funny drawing :-)

Here's another one, and it wasn't very easy to do because I had only one blury photo of this guy, so it was mostly drawn from the memory. I'm not satisfied with this drawing, it looks too stiff (especially compared to the drawing above), but I included it because this guy is really good artist and shouldn't be missed in this little retrospective.

The next picture will be something special... I'll take three days of preparation to do it, and it's going to be a dangerous and death-defying stunt. I will draw a caricature of a person that's probably the hardest one to draw, at least to me. I promised him a caricature last August, yet for who knows what reason, I was never able to make a good picture of that guy. I'll try to make the definitive one... and it will probably look like a crap anyway. Wish me luck...

UPDATE: And, here it is! It was an epic battle that lasted 90 minutes and left me completely exhausted. I hope the final result is worth the effort.

And I had just little bit more strength left to do a quickie 5-minute sketch of the same guy, with less radical stylization and closer to the real life. In this sketch, he's clearly expressing horror and disgust at the content of HammersonBlog :-)


Frano said...

Ćao drugar. Hvala i bravo na trudu.
Svi su izvrsni, jedino je Bob malo fulan. No njega je bolje (kao i mene) crtati iz izprofila :)

Imaš prepoznatljiv rukopis - samo

Hammerson said...

Hvala!! Trudit ću se i dalje :-)
U pravu si, nesto i meni kod Boba smeta, pa cu ga vjerojatno nacrtati opet nekom drugom prilikom i to iz (polu)profila.